established 2011 

​​​​Adventure Weekend  at The Children's Farm

The Essential Nature of Adventure Weekend

At Adventure Weekend we have the privilege of supporting the healthy growth and development of the latest version of the most highly evolved form of life in the known universe: your child! Our job is to facilitate your child’s process of enculturation: "the acquiring of knowledge necessary to be a fully functioning human being". We strive to provide a social habitat that supports the healthy development of your child's unique and inherent human nature through:

  • Enculturating the whole child: Heart, Mind, Body and Self​
  • Considering ourselves components of your child's community, providing authentic interpersonal relationships with compassionate guidance and mentorship
  • Providing a mixed-age social grouping so that cross-age social skills will be sustained, and through which emulative learning from elders, and mentorship to youngers occurs on an ongoing basis
  • Recognizing and serving children’s natural developmental process that has evolved over countless generations to fulfill their human potential
  • Supporting children in satisfying their inherent human needs, in such matters as inclusion, connection, acknowledgement, and contribution
  • ​​Aiding children in acquiring healthy virtues: the content of character and the elements of the human spirit (compassion, assertiveness, generosity, confidence, respect, courage, cooperation, empathy,....)
  • Viewing social discord amongst children as opportunities to model, learn and practice peaceful and effective communication skills within a context of safe, respectful, and secure interpersonal boundaries
  • Maintaining a predictable daily rhythm which provides the emotional grounding and security necessary for children’s learning and self expression
  • Honoring play as children’s most important venue for learning about themselves, others, and their surrounding world
  • Continually adapting ourselves to the children’s current interests and needs pertaining to their physical environment, psycho-social activities, and pre-academic curriculum
  • Providing a community that models good citizenship including social cooperation, contribution, reciprocity, respectfulness, sharing, and following rules and routines
  • Exposing children to the wonders of nature as well as their relationship and responsibility to all life
  • Providing a wealth of pre-academic experiences that enhance curiosity, exploration, experimentation and discovery, which lay the foundation for future academic success
  • Encouraging Health, Nutrition and Safety habits by providing wholesome organic lunch and snacks, modeling, and encouraging healthful habits, and providing challenging yet safe physical activities