established 2011 

​​​​Adventure Weekend  at The Children's Farm

Adventure Weekend

Much more than a "parent night out". About once a month a full age-range of children gather fo for an overnight adventure and experience a uniquely natural humanizing experience.  Learn about the history and philosophy of this very unique children's program, how the program operates, the staff and setting, and enrollment information.

Naturally Raised Kids

Children adapted and fulfilled their inherent human nature by accommodating to universal enculturation mechanisms within tribal habitats throughout 99.99% of humanity's evolutionary history.  This "natural" way of child raising has been replaced by institutionalized schooling, and the results have been horrific in terms of individual, familial, societal and environmental well-being.  Learn how schools can be "re-humanized", and how we can begin an upward spiral of healing and human actualization. 

The Children's Farm: Our Preschool in Grass Valley

Based on many of the fundamentals of Natural Child-Raising we have created a highest quality socializing experience for children aged two and up.  Learn about the essential nature of the Children's Farm, our master-level staff, our child-centered facility, our program and curriculum, and enrollment information.