established 2011 

​​​​Adventure Weekend  at The Children's Farm

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Adventure Weekend's are typically held once a month, beginning at 3:00 Saturday afternoon and lasting until 11:00 Sunday morning.

The children's age-range typically spans from about 2-12. Youths, 12-17 are more than welcome. (In addition to gaining valuable leadership and pre-parenting experiences, we will provide documentation necessary for extra-credit in their school classes).


​The cost of Adventure Weekend is $80 per child and $60 for each sibling.

Children who have never attended the Children's Farm will meet with us in the company of a parent before attending their first Adventure Weekend.  Younger children are welcome to attend part of a session with a parent, in order to become familiar with the setting and our staff.  To provide a unique social experience devoid of same-age peer pressures, we discourage children bringing their same-age friends.

To learn more and/or be put on our email list to be notified of upcoming Adventure Weekend events, please  contact us or call us at 530 273 5299.  

To learn about Adventure weekend's history and philosophy, click on the          Naturally Raised Kids tab at the top of the page.

Imagine a place where kids can experience the company of children both older and younger than themselves, helping each other in preparing meals, constructing play-structures, exploring acres of meadows, and forests, ending the the day with a campfire and overnight slumber party, and then awakening to a kid-made pancake breakfast!
What began as weekend respite for parent rejuvenation, became an extraordinary mixed-age social experience for children.

While the kids are enjoying a campfire down in the Meadow before bedtime stories, what might their parents be doing?  A night out on the town? A grown-up gathering with friends? A quiet evening at home? Kids don’t sleep in on Sunday mornings, parents do!  Its great for parents to take breaks to refresh and rejuvinate themselves and enjoy their own "weekend of adventure".

Welcome to Adventure Weekend!