established 2011 

Alan Phillips

Alan has spent over 40 years as an educator, social worker and psychotherapist. He owned and directed a quality preschool in Oakland, created the original Adventure Weekend program, worked as a therapist in a child abuse treatment program, counseled teens for 15 years in a nationally acclaimed young parents program, and taught Human Development courses at Sierra College. Alan has raised 7 children and is the grandparent to seven. He holds a Master's degrees in Teaching from Mills College, and in Counseling Psychology.  He is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a credentialed School Counselor.

​​​About Us

We're Ronda and Alan, a wife and husband team with long careers in early childhood education. Our ongoing goal is to create model children's programs based upon the philosophy of Naturally Raised Kids, and to start a conversation about transforming modern schooling to be in alinement with children's inherent human nature. 

​​​​Adventure Weekend  at The Children's Farm

Ronda Trujillo 

Ronda is a seasoned educator with more than 25 years experience working with young children. She spent several years with the renowned Forever Young infant program utilizing the RIE methodology which encourages even the youngest of children to be self competent. While her child was young, Ronda operated her own preschool catering to the children of school teachers. For 10 years she worked as the Early Childhood Coordinator at the highly respected Harmony Day School in Sacramento, which focused on peaceful conflict resolution, cooperative learning, and using nature as a learning medium.